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You can buy gem high quality gem stone in wholesale such as wholesale certified loose diamonds, emerald gem stones, Ceylon blue or yellow sapphires or wholesale saphires, loose ruby gem stone, aquamarine gem stones whether wholesale cabochon gem stone or any cut you would like.

Colored Cut Gem Stones

If the gem stone wanted to buy is rough gem stone or cut gem stone,

If you would like to buy wholesale loose gem stones whether natural gem stones or man made gem stones or gem stone factory wholesale or wholesale loose diamonds for your custom gem stone jewelry designs or for your wholesale gem stone jewelry business,

If you would like to buy jewelry wholesale or wholesale gem stone jewelry or to find diamond jewelry wholesale supplier, wholesale jewelry supplier or wholesale jewelry manufacturer,

We are here to help you.

Custom Made Diamond and Ruby Ring

For further information, please fill in the form to check if your requirement is in the stock.

Please we accept orders which are more than 10 carats for:Diamonds, Saphires, Rubies, and Emeralds. And more than 25 carats for other stones which are not listed above.

We are ready to send samples for you to see the quality of our stones.

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