Custom Gem Jewelry Stone &

Gem Stone Jewelry One Kind!

Perhaps you are a jeweler, and you have unique gem stone jewelry pieces to set you apart from the competition.

Maybe you have that special design that you know would sell, if only you had it in your shop.

Perhaps you would like to have custom gem jewelry stone, handcrafted gem stone jewelry, designer gem handcrafted jewelry stone, gem stone engagement ring, wedding ring or unique gem stone jewelry that you designed, saw it somewhere or in your imagination or dream!

Citrine Pendant
Or maybe you need to create pieces for period costumes or match an existing set of jewelry such as custom gem stone pendant, custom gem stone ring, custom gem stone earring, custom gem stone bracelet or custom gem stone necklace.

Perhaps there is someone in your life who is special enough for a gem stone jewelry one of a kind work of art.

If so, we can help you.

We do not only deal with the raw materials of the jewelery trade, but also we supply the handcrafted gem stone jewelry or the finished product.

Custom gem jewelry stoneā€¦.gem handcrafted jewelry stone made to your design is part of our stock in trade.

We have master custom jewelers on our staff, trained in the use of rare metals and precious and semi precious gem stones.

We can take your designs and turn them into unique gem handmade jewelry stone.

We can take your passion and turn it into art.

With a wide range of gems to choose from, we can work with nearly any design requirement.

And if your dream is built around the mysterious sapphires, then we can surely give you what you need.
Sri Lanka Sapphire gemstone Ring
We have access to some of the most beautiful sapphires in the world. One of our sources is Sri Lanka, known throughout history for its rare and lovely gem natural stones, particularly the sky blue Ceylon Sapphire

Custom delicate elegant handmade jewelry is a dream that other people can see.

Do you have a dream? Let us help you make it real.