Color Gem Stone Wholesale &

Gem Handmade

Jewelry Stone Wholesale Suppliers!

We have been doing business for more that 15 years and we are equipped to provide a wide range of loose gem stones for the jewelry industry such as: color gem stone, loose diamonds gem stone, loose sapphire gem stones, white sapphire loose, green sapphire gem stone, pink sapphire loose, rainbow sapphires, loose ruby gem stone, loose emerald gem stone, aquamarine gem loose stones, birth stones, tiger eye gem stones, large gem stones, briolette gem semiprecious stone, gem mix rainbow,

rainbow sapphires gem stones

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We employ experts in gem stone cutting with experience in both faceted and cabochon cut stones.

We also maintain a staff of professional artisans, skilled in the art of making jewelry.

We can ship our products such as color gem stone, rough gem stone, wholesale gem stone jewelry anywhere in the world.

We can provide:

  • Raw gem stones or gem Rough stones
    We have access to many varieties of raw gems, suitable for cutting and setting in jewelry.

  • Wholesale Loose Gem Stones
    We have varieties of loose gem stones whether gem precious stones or gem precious semi stones such as amethyst gem stones, diamond gem stones, citrine gem stones, spinel gem stones, tiger eye gem stone, cats eye gem stones, gem stone tsavorite, peridot gem stones, moonstone gem stones, australia gem opal stone, garnet gem stones, emerald gem stones, gem ruby stones, bead gem stone wholesale, sapphire gem stone, topaz gem stones, tourmaline gem stones, turquoise gem stones, zircon gem stones, aquamarine gem stones, alexandrite gem stones,gem loose marcasite stone.



  • Wholesale Jewelry
    Custom gem jewelry stone wholesale, fashion jewelry wholesale, jewelry silver sterling wholesale.



  • Custom Handmade Jewelry:
    Custom delicate elegant handmade jewelry, custom gem jewelry stone, gem handcrafted jewelry sterling stone, gem handcrafted jewelry gold, handmade gem stone bracelet, gem necklace stone, gem pendant stone, gem ring stone, gem earring stone.