Raw or Rough Gem Stones

We have access to some of the finest gem rough stones in the world.  We can supply you with these gems in their raw or rough state, ready for final processing at your site.

uncut Amethyst gem rough stone


Raw Stones that we deal in include:

  • Rough Emeralds or raw , uncut Emerald gem stones.

  • Rough Sapphires or raw, uncut Sapphire gem stones.

  • Rough Rubies or raw, uncut Ruby gem stones.

  • Rough Citrines or raw, uncut Citrine gem stones.

  • Rough Aquamarines or raw, uncut Aquamarine gem stones.

  • Rough Amethysts or raw, uncut Amethyst gem stones.

  • Rough Garnets or raw, uncut Garnet gem stones.

  • Rough Moonstones or raw, uncut Moonstone gem stones.

  • Rough Opals or raw, uncut Opal gem stones.

    raw gem stones

  • Rough Peridots or raw, uncut peridot gem stones.

  • Rough Spinels or raw, uncut Spinel gem stones.

  • Rough Topaz or raw, uncut Topaz gem stones.

  • Rough Cat Eyes or raw, uncut Cat's Eye gem stones.

  • Rough Tiger Eye or raw, uncut Tiger's Eye gem stones.