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In the jewelry world, competition is fierce. Each dealer must struggle to find a successful marketing strategy.

Price; quality; service; selection; All are important elements to your company image.Equally so is supply.

Where will you get the colored gem stones that will give you the competitive edge or faceted gem stones loose and cuts that will set you apart from the rest

of the pack! We can provide wholesale cut loose gem stones, per piece or in lots.

checkerboard loose Amethyst gemstones

Do you need faceted gem loose stones? We have access to a variety of loose gem precious stones and loose gem precious semi stones, all cut and ready for

setting such as briolette gem semi precious stone cut or checkerboard cut or any cut you would like.

Loose Gem Stones From Around the World!

Below is a list of faceted gem stones we can provide for your Custom gem stone jewelry designs or your wholesale gem stone jewelry business:

  • Alexandrite loose gem stones whether natural loose alexandrite gem stone or Russian lab created loose alexandrite gem stone in wholesale

  • Aquamarine gem loose stone wholesale

  • Amethyst gem loose stone wholesale

  • Citrine gem loose stone wholesale

  • Emerald gem loose stone wholesale

  • Diamonds gem loose stone wholesale

    Loose Emeralds Gem Stones

  • Garnet gem loose stone wholesale

  • Rubulite gem loose stone wholesale

  • Tourmaline gem loose stone wholesale

  • Tanzanite gem loose stone wholesale

  • Moonstone gem loose stone wholesale

  • Opal gem loose stone wholesale

  • Peridot gem loose stone wholesale

  • Ruby gem loose stone wholesale

  • Sapphire gem loose stone wholesale and the wide varieties of its color such as loose sri lanka or ceylon blue cornflower sapphire gem stone, Loose pink sapphire gem stone, Loose violet sapphire gem stone, Loose green sapphire gem stone, Loose yellow sapphire gem stone, Loose white sapphire gem stone,

    Ceylon Loose Blue Sapphire Gem Stones

    Loose orange sapphire gem stone, Loose rainbow sapphire gem stone, Loose star sapphire gem stone, Loose natural sapphire gem stone, Loose unheated sapphire gem stone, Loose fancy sapphire gem stone, Loose padparadscha sapphire gem stone, Loose purple sapphire gem stone, Loose brown sapphire gem stone, and loose black sapphire gem stone

  • Loose spinel gem stones with different colors such as Loose red spinel gem stone, Loose blue spinel gem stone, Loose pink spinel gem stone, Loose violet spinel gem stone, Loose green spinel gem stone,

    Loose yellow spinel gem stone, loose unheated spinel gem stone, Loose purple spinel gem stone and Loose brown spinel gem stone

  • Loose topaz gem stone or loose blue topaz gem stone

  • Loose turquoise gem stone wholesale

  • Loose zircon gem stone with varieties of colors such as Loose red zircon gem stone, loose blue zircon gem stone, Loose pink zircon gem stone, Loose

    violet zircon gem stone, Loose green zircon gem stone, Loose yellow zircon gem stone, Loose white zircon gem stone, Loose orange zircon gem stone, Loose black zircon gem stone, Loose natural zircon gem stone, Loose purple zircon gem stone and Loose brown zircon gem stone

  • Loose cat's eye gem stone wholesale

  • Loose tiger eye gem stone wholesale

  • loose tsavorite gem stone wholesale

  • Loose cubic zirconia gem stone or loose cubic zirconium gemstone

  • gem loose marcasite stone

  • Pearls

loose cabochon Rubulite Gemstones

We are also expert at the exquisite cabochon cut. This cut is critical for the optically active stones like opals, star gem stones, cat's eye gem stones, tiger eye gem stones and, of course, the sapphire.

Our selection of gem high quality stones includes a variety of Indian,Brazilian, African, Russian and Sri Lankan Stones, including the prized sky blue Ceylon Sapphire gemstone. We also have access to the unusual top quality White Sapphire gem stone.

Let's Be Part of Your Success!

If you want loose cut gem stones that are not what the rest of the shops are selling, loose gem stones that are expertly selected and cut, then let us be part of your plan for success.

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