Wholesale Gem Stone Jewelry

For the jeweler and costumer who want high quality gem jewelry stone wholesale, we can supply you with gem handcrafted jewelry stone wholesale from your own design using the best high quality loose cut gem stones.

Diamond Blue Sapphire ring

Whether you would like to have your wholesale gem stone jewelry with natural gem stones such as Diamond gemstones, Sapphire gemstones, Emerald gemstones, Ruby gemstone, or any other natural gem stones.

Or whether you would like to have your gem stone jewelry with lab created gem stones such as alexandrite gem stone or cubic zirconia gemstone…we can help you and provide you with the best wholesale loose gem stones at affordable prices because we are a gem stone wholesaler!

If you would like to have Fashion jewelry wholesale, Fine gem jewelry stone, wholesale rainbow jewelry, gem jewelry precious semi stone, gem jewelry precious stone, cubic jewelry zirconia, gem stone gold jewelry, jewelry silver sterling or pearl gem stone jewelry…..we can supply you.

Black Opal pendant with Diamonds
If you would like to have wholesale pendants, wholesale necklaces, wholesale rings, wholesale earrings, wholesale bracelets or wholesale sets….we can help you!

Each piece of jewelry is hand made by expert craftsman.